Stories Of Americans Passionately At Play

"Sport, at its best, at its most human, is able to inspire an innocence and joy that is unique to each of us."
~ Richard Corman ~
The moon looks down on the starting line for the Santa Clarita, CA location of the Wings For Life World Run.

Red Bull Gives You Wings…For Life World Run

Where else but in the Red Bull-produced Wings For Life World Run can two friends go out for a run together…nine time zones apart…while being chased by relentless automobiles? Read More »

Empty courts await action at the 2015 AVP Manhattan Beach Open

The Volleyball Diaries

Long a staple of gym classes and rec centers, volleyball is a sport we’ve all played at one time or another. But not like this. As chronicled here, volleyball is a cultural sensation unto itself, having spilled out of indoor courts onto the sand—and into the national consciousness. Read More »


Adaptive Track & Field: Angels In The Infield

L.A.’s Angel City Games provided a glimpse of what’s happening in the growing field of paralympic sports competitions. Hint: It’s all good. Read More »

Under a full display of international banners, America's national badminton championships get underway.

Why Not Badminton?

It’s social. It’s a great workout. It’s fun. It’s easy to learn. So why doesn’t everybody play badminton? Read More »


Pro Paintball: Not Your Ordinary Team-Building Event

Ever wonder what it’s like to own a pro sports franchise? Well, if the sport is paintball, it’s a lot like owning any small business…kinda, sorta. Meet Exhibit A: the Houston Heat. Read More »

The Latest

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The Sports

I once went on a journey to see if I could find 50 different sports being played on a serious competitive level by American athletes. Turned out to be a piece of cake. It got me to thinking though. Are there 50 sports that pretty much anybody with a little motivation can play? And play well? Let’s find out.

The People

I think you’ll agree that without people, sports are somewhat beside the point—no matter how many of them you can find. People are the delivery mechanism for sports. Or is it the other way around? In either case, sports + people = community. And who doesn’t want to be part of something bigger than oneself?

The Ideas

We’re not naïve enough to think that simply saying “Go play” will change people’s attitudes and actions when it comes to sports and recreation. There are some pretty significant obstacles to consider. Like everyday life, for example. Fortunately, some pretty smart people have been doing some pretty smart thinking on that very topic. And they’re willing to share.

My Two Cents

Everyone’s entitled to their own quasi-connected stream of consciousness, so here you’ll find my rants, raves and occasionally lucid opinions about the games people play. Sometimes I’ll even support them with honest-to-goodness research. Go figure.

Are Televised Sports About To Jump The Shark Tank?

This just in from Sky Is Falling official headquarters: life as we know it is in jeopardy. Yes, it’s standard by now that every news cycle arrives with proof positive that we are indeed all going to heck in a … Read More »

For Those That Like Their Baseball Unpedigreed

Fall has arrived. The days are growing shorter. Leaves are preparing to unhinge themselves from their moorings, thus completing their evolution from green and shady…to breathtakingly colorful…to some poor slob’s yardwork. It’s the annual pageant of autumn. Every four years, … Read More »

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