Stories Of Americans Passionately At Play

"Sport, at its best, at its most human, is able to inspire an innocence and joy that is unique to each of us."
~ Richard Corman ~

About Us

Standing~50YardLine1My name is Tim Forbes, and I am alternately blessed and cursed by the crazy notion that everyone should do what they love for a living. For me, that means both creating and writing about the games that people play. But I didn’t get to this point without a detour or two.

I grew up in the farmlands of northern Connecticut, and was fortunate enough to attend college on a basketball scholarship. But annoyingly enough, in those days they didn’t let you just major in Basketball. So I got a degree in Psychology. I can’t quite remember why. And when my undergraduate days ended, I decided to obtain an MBA, because…well…because. Then, for no particularly compelling reason, I became a grown-up. I was never really good at it, though. My heart just wasn’t in it.

So at the age of 40, I quit Corporate America cold turkey to pursue my fortunes in the world of golf management. Now for those of you who don’t know, “fortune” and “golf management” are mutually exclusive terms. But in a decade spent working for three professional golf tours and managing golf clubs in Nashville and Orlando, I had a lifetime full of unique experiences. Somewhere along the way, somebody suggested that I write it all down. So I did. And I’ve been writing about a wide variety of sports ever since.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles in 2009, I founded Sports Walkabouts, LLC, to combine my twin passions of sports event management and sports journalism. I even made up a name for what I do: “sports content production.” Feel free to borrow the term.

Believe me when I tell you that when it comes to so-called niche sports, Game Time For Life is not my first rodeo. No, seriously—I once published a two-part piece on a rodeo in Las Vegas, where I learned that there is apparently no limit to the number of bones in the human body that can be broken.

But no man is an island, and while I am the host and concierge of this site, in its pages you’ll hear from a wide range of people from various corners of the sports and recreation world. These are kindred spirits who are deeply dedicated to the idea that sports can offer a whole lot more to those that choose to suit up and join in the pursuit of play—and all of the personal, social and societal benefits that come with it.

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