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Strange Formations of Ducks Appear on Horizon

Don’t look now, but a new breed of duck appears to be gaining a (web)foot-hold in Southern California–and beyond. And this breed displays behavioral characteristics not seen in the species in quite some time. Some experts are calling recent activity as downright offensive, citing as proof a flurry of “goal-scoring.”

AnaheimDucksLogoOnce associated with a strain of duck thought nearing extinction, goal-scoring has been spotted during recent migratory patterns throughout the Midwestern U.S. and Canada. A phenomenon known scientifically as backisofnetis has been observed as many as five and six times in a single session.

Once thought nearing extinction, the Goal-Scoring Duck is reestablishing itself with a vengeance, surpassing in numbers the Coyote of the desert, and the Shark of northern California.

JennFaviconThe revival of the Honda Duck (as the species is known in layman’s terms) has been noted by ichthyologist Jenn de la Fuente, who cautions against premature celebration. “The Honda Duck has yet to emerge as a King here in the Pacific region,” she said. “And anyway, even if it did…it’s much easier to tame the species on its own pond when it is operating under stressful circumstances. Like a Game 7, for instance.”

Stay tuned for further developments.

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